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During a prospecting trip in Gambia for one of our future projects in the village of Fasa Njaga Choi, we met a couple of local farmers, Haddy Demba and Sherrif Corr, who is facing a situation that moved us to our core.

Their last born, Dam, 18 months old was born with an anorectal malformation. It means that he was born without anus, which is a very rare condition.

Malformation ano-rectacle 3.png

To know that their child will be disabled for life if he does not go through an anorectoplastic surgery in the very near future, is disheartening for the parents.

This reconstruction needs 3 phases:

  • A first surgery to create an anus

  • After healing of the scar, a long process to dilate the opening

  • A second surgery to reconnect the intestin with the anus.

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Unfortunately financial resources are lacking. The government hospital which is financially more affordable does not have the proper means and specialist surgeons to perform this kind of surgery. Therefore the only remaining option is to go to a
private hospital that brings in foreign surgeons experienced with complicated cases.

Our non-profit organization, ASBL Decalage, has taken upon itself to do everything possible to help this child and minimize his disability and we are hoping for your support to realize this.

Because of the emergency of the situation, some of us already mobilized to help with transport to doctors visits and medical tests.

We are in regular connection with the family who gives us updates, send us pictures, doctors reports and expenses reports.

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The estimated cost for surgery, hospital stay and post surgery care is



(1€ = 50 GMD)


  • 3500€ for surgery and medicine (see quote)

  • 1500€ for other expenses (taxi, ferry, lodging near the clinic, medicine non included in the quote, possibly extra days at the clinic, …)

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icone_don_noir copie.png



You can make a contribution on the ASBL Decalage account:

 IBAN: BE02 9799 7610 4840 / BIC: ARSPBE22 

Specific notice: « DON POUR DAM ».

Any amount is welcome.

Leave us your e-mail address so we can keep you up to date.


A big thank you to all our donors

5201€                                                                                        5000€

 Please help us spread the word to your friends and contacts list.

We are very aware that we cannot save the whole world, but maybe we can help this precious little boy, Dam.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and generosity. Don't hesitate to  contact us  for more information. 

Decalage Team.




Bébé Dam.jpg

Little Dam had an emergency colostomy surgery at birth to help him survive. He has a pouch on his belly to collect the fecal matter. That pouch has to be changed several times a day but it is very hard to find supply that fit his tiny body. The pouches irritate the skin and put the child at high risk for infection. Despite the permanent discomfort and pain, Dam is fighting bravely and show to his parents his strong desire to live.

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